Making sustainable farming profitable


A ‘green cover’ image (NDVI) is an index calculated from Near Infra Red (NIR) and Red light. What you will see relates to how well plants reflect NIR, and the level of canopy closure (as viewed from space!). Differences can relate to biomass, but can also be related to plant habit, growth stage, variety and health. Weeds will also contribute to NDVI.

Emails are received a few days after image capture. Sometimes cloud-cover affects or negates image capture but that will be advised.

It’s great to be utilising the latest technology but how is it going to benefit you?

  • Quantifying paddock variability – you’ve driven over it enough times to know the different soil types or low spots or ridges – now you can actually measure those differences
  • Allowing us to identify locations of good vs. poor areas for ground-truthing & sampling.
  • Assessing commercial farm-scale trials – it doesn’t matter what’s written on the drum or bag, if it makes a significant difference to NDVI (biomass) then it provides confidence about the bottom-line impact of those decisions, actions or inputs.


This service uses any or all of the previously recorded data layers (yield maps, satellite imagery, EM maps, etc) to develop management zones and create a zone-specific prescription variable rate (VR) application map.

With the clients and/or agronomist advisor input and help, management zones are created and differing rates of inputs including fertiliser or seed are chosen – this info is converted into a Prescription Map that loads into your tractor/s controller.

For many farmers without variable rate (VR) technology available, management zones are still identified and treated individually via spreading or other forms of application within those zones.

Ian Moss is the Founder and current Managing Director of Farm Agronomy & Resource Management Pty Ltd (FARM). Ian graduated from University of Queensland (Gatton College) with an Associated Diploma of Applied Science majoring in Agronomy & Farm Management in 1989.

For over 25 years Ian has worked for and with farmers, local resellers, research bodies and Multi-Nationals. Through this diverse experience, Ian has an excellent and thorough understanding of Australian Agriculture, but his passion has always been agronomy consulting and working with innovative farmers who are leading the way in developing economic sustainability for themselves and the industry.

In 2009, Ian founded FARM – starting out with a blank canvas, an idea he was passionate about and a mobile office, he purposefully built the FARM business one client at a time which has grown to the busy, diverse and exciting business that it is today.